1. proper-cloth:

    Collister Street. Charles Lane. The old Keller Hotel. The ‘69 Porsche. Whipping through Tribeca back alleys. Making McQueen proud.

    Barrow & Hudson

    Check out the new Japanese washed denim and Canclini flannels…


  2. proper-cloth:

    A very special thank you to everyone who attended our first ever New York Fashion Week show!

    We set out to make a collection that was incredibly easy-wearing and masculine. Soft, unfused collars were paired with minimally canvassed tailored clothing and untipped ties throughout, but not to be overlooked are the Italian corduroy field shirts and some beautiful 100% cashmere sweaters (launching later this fall).

    We’re very excited to launch all of this product in the coming months, so stay tuned for all of this and a lot more!


  3. eidosnapoli:

    Il Cuore di Pescatore - Eidos Napoli P/E 2015 showroom sneak peak pt. 4

    Story # 1

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  4. Yella.


  5. sirfenimore:

    Eidos hand-dyed indigo Adamo jacket.

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  6. proper-cloth:

    It’s live. 

    Our newest collection.


    Check it out.


  7. sirfenimore:

    Mr. Mashburn.

    The dude

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  8. proper-cloth:

    Proper Cloth Spring ‘14 Neckwear

    Handmade in Italy from the finest materials available. We’re sticking to our strategy of making the best ties possible, regardless of cost. An incredible value.


  9. iqfashion:

    Agyesh Madan.

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  10. proper-cloth:

    The custom popover shirt. It’s here.