1. sirfenimore:

    Mr. Mashburn.

    The dude

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  2. proper-cloth:

    Proper Cloth Spring ‘14 Neckwear

    Handmade in Italy from the finest materials available. We’re sticking to our strategy of making the best ties possible, regardless of cost. An incredible value.


  3. iqfashion:

    Agyesh Madan.

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  4. proper-cloth:

    The custom popover shirt. It’s here.


  5. christopherfenimore:

    Patrick Johnson.


  6. Very inspiring stuff. Congrats, Antonio.


  7. ccallis:

    January 2001 vibes today.

    One of the best covers.


  8. ccallis:

    The Great Beauty.


  9. ccallis:

    Eidos showroom.


  10. beyondfabric:

    Mr. Yasuto Kamoshita

    Ph: Beyond Fabric