1. liamsawthis:

    Jeff Hilla for Oliver Peoples 

    (via liamsawthis)


  2. Isaia.


  3. (Source: roseborn.com)


  4. proper-cloth:

    One of our new cashmere knit ties in the wild.

    Check out the full collection here: http://bit.ly/19CqTuO

    Fall styling.


  5. proper-cloth:

    Our goal was to make the best ties possible. Regardless of cost.

    Quality like this at a department store runs $200, but we’re cutting the extra markup and selling them direct for $100. A truly incredible value.

    Shop Now…


  6. ccallis:

    Proper Cloth ca$hmere knits dropping tomorrow. (at Proper Cloth)


  7. Fall @ Ring Jacket.


  8. The world’s single greatest clothing hangtag.


  9. ccallis:

    A little preview of the new Proper Cloth 100% cashmere knit ties. (at Gate C35)


  10. Lalle Johnson for Gabucci.

    (Source: gabucci.se)