1. While the posts on Men of Habit aren’t as in depth as they once were, I wanted to highlight Hillflint, a great new brand run by my longtime friend (and freshman year roommate) Woody Hines. They just launched a pre-order for their line of ultra-cozy merino crewnecks sold directly for $89.

    The Mark One Sweater has a great slim fit, with a slightly shorter body than you typically see on the market. Fully fashioned using 100% extra-fine grade Australian merino wool, it’s a higher quality and softer make than what you’ll find from anything else at Hillflint’s price point.

    Woody’s one of the most talented guys I know, and with Hillflint he’s put a ton of effort into building a great product with with fair pricing. Couldn’t be any more excited to see these guys grow.

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    As we get into the middle of winter, I wanted to highlight Hillflint; a great new brand run by Woody Hines. Hillflint...
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