1. Follow the Handball?

    My nephew asked me to teach him some “Grown Man Stuff” and said he would in return explain Clone Wars & how to hold the iPhone when playing “ANGRY BIRDS” to me. DEAL!

    So with time to waste before school this morning, we figured why not tackle both hand-eye coordination and the subject of movement in tailored clothing?

    Why tailored clothing for the individual?

    Most people want to get wacky when they get clothes made for them. It’s as if they suddenly see this as a way to express their “style” via garish colours, patterns or details. In actuality, they really should see this as an opportunity to get clothes that fit well and “move” with them.

    But in my opinion, get the basics first then start playing with patterns..

    You don’t have to go bespoke or made-to-measure, but you do need to understand the basics of your own balance, proportion, and context. This takes time and an acceptance of what you really look like. Don’t be fooled by the media either, as they too get it wrong. Most of those images have been constructed by inexperienced stylists who have never actually worn a suit. Harsh? Ask anyone in retail about their opinions on stylists.

    So where were we? Collar Gap..

    NO hand-ball court? Then walk & capture the odd facial contortions (the things I do for attention..)

    Compare the above to what you would normally see on any busy street - the difference? Shape & fluidity as opposed to “bags of potatoes” or as I say Mr Potato!

    & now I can smell salted fish ;)

    * I often get messages from people who want more detail on this. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to write about this and anyway prefer to keep these to quick, digestible posts. The reality, after all, is that there has been so much written about this already and the best way to learn is through trial and error (at your own expense).

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    Follow the Handball? My nephew asked me to teach him some “Grown Man Stuff” and said he would in return explain Clone...
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